Timeless. Elegance. Tradition.

My Name is
Michelle Blackler

I am a lifelong equestrian

My first word was horse. Admittedly it sounded like "Ohse"; my Mother tried to prevail: Mommy. Daddy. Aha! A pattern: Mommy. Daddy. Pony.

As a trainer, my first duty is to the horse: turning out a fine animal that is comfortable, correct and confident in his work. My next duty is to train his owner to understand the mechanics, the artistry and the responsibility of allowing the horse to be brilliant in his work. For me, training horses has not been a career choice; it has always been a calling.

Anyone who knows me will not be surprised that my last utterance in this life will surely be, "Please go take care of the horses."

Michelle Blackler shows at 2015 CIAT [Concours International d'Attelage de Tradition] in Varese, Italy.
Photo credit: Giovanni Vitale
Video by Cavewood Productions

Carriage Driving

Let's be legends

The modern sport of competition carriage driving evolved through history when enthusiasts of horseflesh and the art of conveyances gathered to display their skills, culminating in a discipline of art, engineering, craftsmanship and dedication to tradition.

The horse drawn carriage is a most perfect time machine. The lyrical hoof beats on the road are an ode to the horse's ancestors: servants of agriculture, industry, war and kings. Holding the reins on one's hand is holding a link to our own forebears who built the roads, farmed the land, fought for the rights of future generations. The view from the carriage transports the beholder beyond the constraints of time.

Driving a cherished, forward moving horse along this timeless road affects one deeply; the heart swells at the privilege. As a result, carriage driving aficionados are a different breed of competitor: displaying a gentility and graciousness with a deeply respected camaraderie of competition.

Tradition. Timelessness. Living History. The Invitation has your name engraved upon it, do come join us; it is a fantastic journey.

History of Carriage Driving

The Legend Starts Here



6000 Kazakhstan, Domestication of Horse

3500 Invention of the Wheel

3200 Mesopotamian Chariot

312 Via Appia, Roman Paved Road



Mail Coaches, first run from Bristol to London



Fitzroy Stanhope puts his name to a Gig designed for him by Tilbury

Golden Age Of Coaching

New York Coaching Club Founded



Henry Ford unveils the Model T, the curtain draws on the Gilded Age of Carriages



Federation Equestre International [FEI] drafted standardized rules for Combined Driving, after HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh initiated the structure for modern sport of carriage driving



Michelle Blackler takes up the reins from the box seat

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